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We are following all CDC and Department of Health guidelines for social distancing.

Please call our community COVID-19 hotline 630-415-1978 for the most recent up-to-date information about Villa St Benedict.

  • We are pleased to resume more normal visit protocols in conjunction with current Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines.
  • For Benedale residents signing up for visits is no longer required; visit times are no longer limited; and we look forward to seeing family and friends. All visitors will be screened at the Concierge Desk upon arrival; and masks are required while in the building.
  • Independent resident visitors will be screened at the Concierge Desk when they arrive and must wear a mask while here; however taking temperatures will no longer be required.
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The only entry for employees and guests are the main entrances into the Villa Center and Administration building. All personnel & visitors are being screened.


Residents are being well cared for. We continue to closely follow all federal, state, and local COVID-19 precautions. We are also committed to keeping you informed of our COVID-19 status. Reach out to Executive Director Nicole Rich or Director of Nursing Kathy Benjamin for any additional questions.

Life Enrichment team

Everyone is so excited about larger group gatherings. The calendar is filling up with more activities and events. VSB dancing group is resuming their classes and working on a presentation to the community. Swim group is back on schedule to the pool. We will be continuing to get together in safe & fun ways in the coming seasons! Connect with us on Facebook to see our residents and staff engaged in activities and programs. Check out our Monthly Calendars posted on our Website.

Culinary Services

The Bistro & the Dining room is fully open- residents only at this time. Alcoholic beverages can be ordered. Brunch is back with Chef's Omelet Station-look for the Special Easter Brunch Menu! Spring is here and a new a la carte menu started. Pub Lounge is open for seating. Specialty dinners & events are ongoing: Please connect with culinary to join in the culinary delights being offered by our Executive Chef. Benedale Center for Assisted Living residents have been enjoying social dining Monday to Sunday. They too are experiencing special Chef's tastes and demonstrations. Yes, we like to spoil our residents... they deserve it!
The lounge can be rented or reserved for special occasions or meetings.

Pastoral Care

Daily prayer continues over the Chapel channel system Monday to Saturday 11:30am and Sunday at 10am. Residents can attend daily mass in Sacred Heart Chapel. We are continuing to social distance and masks are required. Currently not open to family/friends.

The Residents and Associates

Have been amazing in working together... the proof is in our happy and healthy community. Coming together to enjoy programs, culinary & each other.

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As part of CNA Week, we'd like to highlight our amazing CNA, Mary, who has been working at VSB for more than 10 years!

CNA Mary

Why did you want to become a CNA?
I enjoy taking care of people and helping them. I treat each resident like how I would like to be treated when I'm older.

Why do you work at VSB?
I love the environment, the friendly staff, the cleanliness of the campus, and the landscape – it's so beautiful! I also like the chapel and the faith-based care we provide – that's very important to me. Taking good care of our residents is important to me – they're like my family members.

How to form relationships with the residents?
Even during challenges, I talk to them, make them feel heard. Sometimes I sing to them to help make them feel calm. We talk about hobbies and their life stories – I enjoy getting to know them!

We work with our residents who are having challenges. One resident had a recent fall and I made sure to walk and accompany her around the building during her recovery. We also kept good communication with her physical therapist so she was comfortable to be independent and enjoy her life to the fullest.

Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing Dinner

Executive Chef Chris Moore and the culinary team hosted a delicious wine pairing dinner on the Lounge Patio. Chef Chris cooked up creative dishes in front of the attendees and introduced each dish with a wine that was paired with each course.

A night for the adventurous diner

Our executive chef prepared a four course meal paired with specialty wines from Tsali Notch Vineyard in Tennessee. This get together was a beautiful night consisting of wine, delightful tastes and socializing between our residents and staff.

A night for the adventurous diner

Paint and Pour Party

Our Life Enrichment team always plans creative events for our residents. At the Paint and Pour party, residents learned how to fingerprint this beautiful vase of spring flowers, while sipping on refreshing cocktails.

Notes from April 2022

Resident Newsletter

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee sponsored a breakfast for new resident in March. While enjoying scones and coffee, residents got to meet the executive director and other department managers to get acquainted and reminder of services and opportunities. Marjorie Gilmartin, was recently inducted to Guinness World Records, with three living siblings; the sum of their ages are 383 yeas and 147 days. According to Guinness they have the highest recorded total age for four siblings.

Programs and Activities Committee

We have a new member in our Life Enrichment department, Nancy who comes with a creative art background and three years in senior living , such as ours, she will bring some fresh and fun ideas across the campus for fun times with our residents. Soon more outdoor activities will be upon us to gather on our beautiful campus.. Tranquil trails for walking, sitting and enjoying natures beauty; maybe bring back Summer in the court concert series.
Bocce ball and bag tossing by the Lounge patio.

Field and Feather

"Frequent flyers" of our cold weather friends: House sparrows, house finches, cardinals, nuthatches, juncos, nourning dove, blue jays, woodpeckers and bit and small Coopers Haw, and a few hardy American Robins. Soon our south arrivals will be coming. Also some white tail deer have been on the look out for a good snack from our feeders.

Culinary Committee

Culinary has been creative with new spring a la carte menus, which change up every 3 weeks. Check your calendars for their specialty dinners and wine pairing venues coming up. Soon some outdoor dining venues, when weather permits. Social gatherings in lounge are starting with reserved meeting for pool and poker nights.

Health & Wellness Committee

Its been a long time under COVID restrictions, we have a new "normal" and we are still adhering to Illinois department of health guidelines. Screening is done at entry with concierge and masks are required in common areas.

Stay healthy with :
- Strong Seniors
- Sit and Fit
- Core Treatment

Our PEC staff are there to help you create your own program too.
It's never too late to make your moves!

April Ditties

The month of April is here again
And the weather is still rather cool. Also stay alert today , don't be an April fool!

A Testimonial Of Love

Ron and Betty Krupp went on Windy City Live to share the secrets to their loving and lasting marriage, of 56 years, on Valentine's Day!

Winter Showcase

In December, Villa St. Benedict's resident dance group, "Joy of Dance", performed their annual Winter Showcase in front of a packed house! Themed "Colors", the group showed off their hours of dedicated practice by performing dance to songs such as "White Christmas", "Rainbow Connection", and "Orange Colored Sky".

A Blessing

A Blessing of the newly restored roof over Villa St. Benedict and Sacred Heart Monastery by Renaissance Roofing, Inc.