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Healthy Eating In Senior Care Center

As you grow older, your preference to food may also change together with your body. It is important to maintain healthy eating for a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

In our senior wellness center, it is necessary that the foods being prepared should only be the best and fresh products to ensure balanced and nutritious meals. According to research, a senior who is more active, also needs more calories every day. These calories should be balanced including vegetables, fruits, and protein. The chefs at the Villa St. Benedict, a senior wellness center, prepare various cuisines from fresh and local products. For more enjoyment during eating, the Villa features a dining room that showcases live cooking, a bistro, which is open for lunch as well as a club lounge perfect for cocktail party.

All meals are prepared in-house by Villa St. Benedict staff, under the guidance of Executive Chef Christopher Moore.

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For older people, healthy eating makes them stronger and live longer, it can sharpen their mind as well as it can make you look better and gives you more energy. A balanced physical activity and diet also contribute to a quality life and independent living. These are the foods that you should eat as you get old: fruits with more fiber and vitamins, dark and leafy vegetables, calcium, whole grains, and proteins.

Here are some useful ways for eating well as you get older. You should consume foods that are rich in fiber for more energy. Make an effort in preparing good tasting food. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and make your eating habit enjoyable by inviting your friends and cooking meals for social gathering.

To make dishes more tempting to seniors, be creative, put spices, herbs and other seasonings. Make sure that food are served in proper temperature and served it in smaller portions. Prepare soft foods for those who have denture problems and use an easy grip silverware for better eating control. For those seniors who are depressed and lonely, find someone who will be a meal companionship. Staff at senior wellness centers should also honor the choice of foods of the residents as well as serving real food first.

In addition, senior facility should prepare foods with nutritive value and appearance. It is also necessary to make food available 24 hours and have a family style meal. But before the preparation of the menu, a survey on the types of food that the residents wanted to eat should also be considered.

Community Nutrition Fair

Join us for an Open House and Health Fair sponsored by Benedictine University undergraduate students. Come learn about healthy eating tips for seniors to achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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